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Wow as always Donna!!! You're work is amazing!
Shelley Calder - 2 Dec 2016
Beautiful work, Donna! I especially love your pottery. Your decorative plates are my favorite. They have such charm and character. Everything else is amazing too! Your diversity is inspiring.
Penny Boden - 14 Nov 2013
Donna I love how you have set up your website. Your work is so interesting and all lookslike it was done by the same artist even though the mediums are varied. Great stuff....good for you.
Mary Parslow - 31 Jan 2013
You are truly talented! I love your work. Hope you keep posting new pictures.
Lilia Hansen - 31 Jan 2013
Wow! never seize to amaze me.....your work is fantastic! And great website, easy to use!
Shelley Calder - 29 Jan 2013
Very nice. Love you Mom
Rose Bozarth - 29 Jan 2013
Great work Donna, even though I have seen quite a few of these works individually, it is nice to see it put all together onto a webpage. Great job!
Delia Christianson - 29 Jan 2013
Yay!! iam the first to sign your guest book!!! your work is amazing!! and I am so glad to see all that your are doing. PS yes I use the pie plate regularly Love you. Liz
Liz - 29 Jan 2013
Very nice work Donna. I enjoyed your website and look forward to see more of your work.
Renate Mebus - 29 Jan 2013
Please feel free to sign my guest book. I hope you have enjoyed my artwork.